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New Year - New Career

Last year, we hosted an event to introduce five of our Northwood Moms to an amazing group of mom bloggers through The We had such positive conversations that night, and the bloggers continued to inspire us by recapping what they discussed about balancing career and motherhood.

In the spirit of a ""new year - new career," we reconnected with these amazing moms to share some tips for their followers who may be interested in exploring a real estate career. Some of our agents have talked about how daunting it was to take the first step, and we figured the mom bloggers may have some helpful insights from their own work/life experiences.

Of course these dynamo moms didn’t disappoint. Their posts speak from the heart about the choices they’ve made in career and motherhood:

" can be difficult to know what to expect and how to succeed, especially if you re-enter the workforce after becoming a mom."
- Heather, Diary of a First Time Mom

Having hard set goals, envisioning them and then finally achieving them is the only way to go about success.
- Maria, Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker

All-in-all it made me realize that while I needed a break to re-energize, I was doing the very best I could.
- Muffy, Brown Mamas

The bottom line is this, just because you might choose to stay at home with your children, you don’t have to lose your identity. You can be a mother as well as a successful businesswoman.
- Rachel, Third Stop on the Right

These moms also reinforced something we’ve known all along: Moms are great employees. Their comments make us extra proud to know that we are a company that really means it when we say "Moms Welcome" at Northwood!

Employers that help women be both amazing mothers and amazing employees are rewarded with the retention, rather than loss, of talent.
- Brynne, Femme Frugality

"Who better to practice patience and grace under pressure than moms?"
- Kelly, Pgh Momtourage

For companies looking to protect profitability and morale by retaining valuable employees and reducing turnover, a policy of flexibility shouldn’t come with strings attached.
- The Motherhood, Work Life Balance

Chaton’s post may have summed it up best about how we operate at Northwood:

"Moms Welcome" is a refreshing slogan that promises that working moms are part of the plan and not an afterthought.
- Chaton, Chaton’s World

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